Our Journal provides a mixture of marketing tips, news from the team and an in-depth look at some of the amazing clients that we work with. We’ve already looked at Dr. Clare Apothecary and Sound To Light, so this time it’s the turn of Xyea and their COVID 19 package.

Who are Xyea?

Xyea provides evidence-based compliance systems to organisations such as Muiriosa Foundation, The National Rehabilitation Hospital and Newbrook Nursing Group. Xyea wants to help vulnerable people have a better quality of life. They do this by equipping those tasked with their support with information, tools, education and other facilities to carry out their roles as best as they possibly can. Their latest service is a COVID-19 Governance, Risk & Compliance package for care centre managers.

Xyea COVID 19

COVID 19 Package

In response to the current pandemic, Xyea has created a COVID 19 Governance, Risk & Compliance package. This package can monitor all of the strict measures that Nursing Homes have put in place including staff testing, hand-washing, the use of face masks, visitor restrictions, isolation, thorough cleaning and much more. This system can help you maintain all of these measures with some confidence without placing any additional administrative burden on you or your team.

The package elements are:

  • The full set of COVID-19 Risks & Control measures (Governance & Management, IP&C, Resident, Staffing etc.) with related Regulations built-in.
  • A COVID-19 Management Audit
  • The HIQA self-assessment framework live & online – ready for HIQA’s arrival.
  • A new Mobile Audit app for iOS and Android, for you to achieve compliance on-the-go.
  • Automatic updates for the Risks and Regulations from HSE, HPSC & statutory agencies.
  • Full support and training to ensure that you are always compliant.

Xyea COVID 19

This system will eliminate worry, ensuring that you don’t miss any update and freeing you up to concentrate on your residents. It will also enable you to deal with any inspection or other scrutiny faced over the coming months as we move forward to a ‘new normal’.

For more information contact info@xyea.com or call +353 91 846636 to discuss what their COVID 19 package can do for you.