Branding defines who you are, who you need to communicate to and what you need to say.

What is Branding?

Your brand is not just your name or logo – it is the building block upon which all marketing and PR strategies are formed. To fully develop your brand, you need to have a real understanding of who your customers and competitors are alongside your strengths and weaknesses. We can help create your brand at every stage of development.

“The MD of One Stop Marketing Solutions is an active member of our Bizmentors Mentoring Panel and has become an extremely popular choice as a mentor in the area of marketing. The addition of their professionalism and knowledge in the Online Marketing field has been fantastic for our programme.

We invited the MD to be part of our mentoring panel after their company had carried out some work for ourselves with regard to our online presence and the end results have been nothing other than top class. Highly recommended!”

Michael Smyth


Why is Branding important?

Branding builds trust

As your audience gets to know your brand better, they will start trusting you more. However, in order to develop that elusive trust factor, you must build a brand that helps determine how your first few customers perceive the quality of your services. You must relay the underlying message that every single initiative you take is to improve your customer experience and encourage them to keep coming back to you.

Strong branding generates referrals

People eat, listen and wear brands, and they’re constantly telling others about the ones they love. In fact, 84% of consumers have said that they ‘always or sometimes’ take action based on personal recommendations. Word of Mouth marketing is one of the strongest, most effective and cost efficient ways to generate leads.

Branding adds value

A strong and successful brand will add value to your business, well beyond physical assets. It’s clear that by simply having a strong brand you can generate a following and solidify yourself in the mind’s eye. This goes for top tier companies right the way through to start-ups as a strong brand adds value right across the board.

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