There comes a time when every business owner realises they need a social media manager. At first, you might think you can do it yourself. And sure, that’s a great way to save money if you have the time and knowledge. But soon, you may start to fall behind because you have a business to run after all!

Have a read of our 5 signs you need a social media manager and ask yourself does it apply to you?

1. You miss messages

Whether it’s a Twitter mention you didn’t see until a week later or a question in a Facebook message, you know it should have been addressed much sooner. Customers expect a response within a minimum of 24 hours.

2. Social media is an afterthought

You run sales, host events and give out promotions. Afterwards, you realise you should have put it all on social media. This has not only affected the promotion of what you are doing but also makes you feel like you’re still behind in your work load.

3. You don’t understand Twitter and/or Instagram

You know it’s popular and you might even have signed up, but it’s not at the top of your mind so you try to “get by” instead of really leveraging these platforms to improve your business. Terms like hashtags and trends just don’t really seem important to you!

4. You are already working 40+ hours

Being a business owner is hard and time consuming. You end up giving up a lot of time and you may be on the verge of becoming burnt out or overwhelmed.

5. You want to invest more in advertising

Social media advertisements are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise and a social media manager has experience in getting the best results.

Do any of these apply to you and you need a social media manager? At One Stop Marketing Solutions we specialise in social media marketing. Get in touch with us today by emailing for a free consultation and discuss your social media marketing needs.